Upon completion of the program, participants will have gained a greater sense of compassion & kindness towards others. They will realize that they do have talents and skills that can be used for good and to make a difference not only in their lives but also in the lives of others. Participants will have a sense of accomplishment that they can use, in combination with their new skills & resources, and begin to apply them to other challenges in their life. They will also have an ongoing source of support as alumni of the program through our alumni outreach staff and the opportunity to serve as volunteers or interns in future Pooch Camp programs.  

what we do & who we serve

our vision

For People, For Dogs, For Good.




Baltimore Pooch Camp is a 3 week
program that runs Monday - Friday for
2 hours each day. We bring together a pre-selected group of 6-8 young people along with an equal number of homeless dogs. For the duration of the program, each student is paired with the same dog. For the first hour of each class, and under the
supervision of a certified trainer, the
students teach the dogs, good leash walking behavior, basic commands- sit, stay, down & come, as well as some more advanced agility training. The second hour of each class, the students will have an opportunity
to discuss their specific needs & issues in an informal class setting, at the same time further bonding with their dogs as they sit with them.

Reach Out

Work with members in your community and help us make a difference.

Throughout the 3 week program,
different professionals and presenters
will lead the 2nd hour session, offering
new methods of coping skills, art
therapy, and resources specifically
tailored to the individual needs of
the student participants. The only
requirements we ask of the students
is: 1) They promise to commit to the 
entire 30 hour course, as the dogs
are bonding with & depending on them and 2) They have an interest in helping the dogs become more socialized and “adoptable”. The primary goal of the program however, is to expand the emotional intelligence of each student, furthering their sense of kindness & empathy and providing them with resources & tools to use beyond the
conclusion of our program

Baltimore Pooch Camp


Your  contribution is tax deductible because we are a qualified 501 (c) (3) charitable organization. Thank you for your support!